Exciting water levels during this year’s canyoning training of the Tyrolean gorge leaders demanded a lot from the candidates and trainers.

Also this year the course with 25 participants was completely booked. From 05.05.-13.05.2017 the participants from Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland and Italy learned the basic techniques and skills for committing gorges and guiding guests. In the tried-and-tested system, the techniques were presented the evening before in the PowerPoint lecture, practiced the next day in the drying room and then implemented in the appropriate gorges.

As we could expect after the heavy snowfall at the end of the winter, we had high water levels which provided for interesting tours. Thus, techniques such as releasable systems and anchors were also to be applied in a realistic manner. To the weather and the water levels we could go every day great and varied tours. Alpine tours with almost 100m high waterfalls or aquatic gorges with sporty water levels. The Wildwasswimmen on the Brandenberger Ache we could do this year with a perfect water level and a dream weather. A great day for sure.

The participants must now deepen the learned and apply it in internships. In summer, course II also takes place, in which special rescue techniques and first aid are trained in canyoning. Course III will also take place this year in Ticino, where the students have the possibility to apply and improve all learned skills. This is also where the final examination takes place.

The training was carried out by Alexander Riml (Training Director), Willewalter, Thomas Kracker, Gerald Senn, Ewald Holzknecht, Martin Gstrein

Text and pictures by Alexander Riml

Almost with every inquiry/booking this question is aksed, so much better it is to answer it now already.
Wearer of glasses can wear the glasses on easy tours without hard water contact or big slides und jumps or respectivly take them off for a short moment. We do recommend at least a strap for your glasses, even better glasses for sport.
Wearer of contacts should bring an extra pair of lenses and if they have goggles, which for example prevent that the lenses will be washed out when ropping through water.
If you don’t necessarily need glasses or contacts, it is definetly more comfortable without them. You could ask your provider if you can rent goggles.

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Canyoning (BE) or Canyoneering (AE) describes a joung trend sport in which a Canyon is passed trough from top down. Depending on the requirement or the geolocial structure, waterfalls or obstacles are mastered by roping, climbing, jumping or sliding; pools by swimming or sometimes even through diving. The origination goes back decades (back then mostly as expeditions bottom-up) and started mostly in the southern regions oft he alps, Spain and France and even in countries like Australia. The break through in the alpine region came in the last 10 – 15 years. Jointly responsible were the foundation of single unions and clubs, the training for a authorised canyoning guide and a commercialised offer for guided tours. On our page you can find a selection of professional canyoning providers throughout Austria, just choose the region, the provider and let’s get started.

to the provider side

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Usually the entire equipment is provided by the canyoning guide, which means neopren suit, neopren socks, canyoning shoes, helmet and harness. Should your guide not provide shoes, we reccomend ankle-length sturdy shoes, which wont be to heavy when getting wet. Usually you would wear swimwear underneath your neopren suit such as swimming trunks or bikini/swimsuit.
Further we reccomand to wear a functional shirt. Advantage: More comfortable when entering, a bit warmer during the tour and simply more hygienic.

Here as an overview the things you should bring yourself:
bikini, swimsuit, swimming trunks
if you wear contact lenses: extra lenses, as a precaution goggles – should be provided by your guide
if neccessary earplugs for higher jumps – should be provided by your guide
important personal medicine such as allergy medicine, insulin etc.
small drinking bottel – no glas
small snack like cereal bar
neopren underwear or functional shirt, no cotton

These are the important things. Mentionable would be a helmet bracket for the actioncam (such as GoPro) or your own helmet (please check with the guide if your helmet is qualified for canyoning)

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Canyoning is an outdoor sport, which means, canyoning takes place outside almost every were, where water has formed a canyoing over thousands of years. In Europe it is limited  to the alps. Canyoning is offered in almost all tourism areas. Austria is surely a good address for it, as the nature offers everything form „mild to wild“ and is backened through the state unions with an established training for a canyoning guide. Even worldwide this sport is becoming more and more popular. On our page you can find a selection of professional canyoning providers through out Austria, just choose a region, pick the provider and let’s get started.
to the provider side

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By completing a training for a Canyoning-Guide. Training will be provided by different nations with different prices. Coution is reccomended here with some of them, as there are still many trainings that are not backed through the union or have no legal backing. This would start problems with the insurance company in case of an accident. The authority to give guided tours in other countries or other states can be restricted depending on the training. Therefore we reccomend a training with on of the state representatives of the Österreichischen-Bergsportführer-Verbands. Furthermore a mountain guide (IVBV) can take a training as a canyoning guide or an additional module.

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