Can I go Canyoning without a guide?

This questions is asked a lot as well and is legitimate. Even with all the curiosity or euphoria, if you can handle it all by yourself. You should ask yourself a few questions:
Do I have the needed caynoning equipment and do I know how I have to use it?
Do I know the caynioning roping/saving technique, which differs very strongly form the alpine technique?
Do I have reliable information about the canyon? (Topography, approach, access, emergency escape, exit, mobile reception, level of difficulty)
How is my metrological knowledge respective weather changes?
Am I prepared for surprises (broken standing area, injuries) and can I handle them?
Do I know basics about reading the water respectivly fluid dynamics?
Should you be able to say „yes“ to all of these question without hesitation, then theoreticaly there is nothing in your way to take the tour on your own.
We recommand for practical experience: Search for a provider that offers caynoning classes on our website and start building up on your own level. This way it should be doable with enough personal responsibility. Thousands of ski tourers are doing this the same way each winter, when they take part in a trainging with the LVS.
In the south of France for example are some easy canyons which are walked through by families (almost without any equipment). In these regions the part of the private walkers is much higher as for example in Austria – which of course is a result of geology.

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How dangerous is Canyoning?

Very often Canyoning is described as an extrem-sport. But as it is with almost all other sports, you can do Canyoning on a very save level.
The question you have to ask yourself is, do I want to take a guided tour with a certified guide or do I dare to take the tour on my own. The first mentioned gives you the objetive alpine risks, such as falling rocks, which are very easy to estimate. On the other hand, taking tours by yourself, requieres a certain amount of expertise as the rope technique you know from climbing differs very much. Floodwater is an additional danger, as it is difficult to escape tight  canyons quickly. You also should not underestimate the group dynamic, when for example, jumps are taking place of greater and greater hights. Here lies the highest potential of reducing the accident statistik.

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