Is Canyoning possible by rain?

Generally yes, because you get wet anyway. But lets put the joke aside. There are more factors to consider, such as:

How much water can the canyon take?
How big is the surface or rather how is the consistency of the soil?
(karstified or soft alpine pasture)?
Does the canyon have forced passages/emergency escape?

These are things your guide should consider before planing anyways. You are also welcome to inquire about it with your provider.
There are also canyons with water intakes on the upper length, which means they still  can be used even after a few days of raing without any problems. Some providers sell canyoning as an alternative holiday activity when the weather is bad on vaccations. We don’t really share this opinion, as the sun affects the mood in a more positive way, you get warmer and the sun actually rises the fun factor.

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What equipment do I need for guided Canyoning?

Usually the entire equipment is provided by the canyoning guide, which means neopren suit, neopren socks, canyoning shoes, helmet and harness. Should your guide not provide shoes, we reccomend ankle-length sturdy shoes, which wont be to heavy when getting wet. Usually you would wear swimwear underneath your neopren suit such as swimming trunks or bikini/swimsuit.
Further we reccomand to wear a functional shirt. Advantage: More comfortable when entering, a bit warmer during the tour and simply more hygienic.

Here as an overview the things you should bring yourself:
bikini, swimsuit, swimming trunks
if you wear contact lenses: extra lenses, as a precaution goggles – should be provided by your guide
if neccessary earplugs for higher jumps – should be provided by your guide
important personal medicine such as allergy medicine, insulin etc.
small drinking bottel – no glas
small snack like cereal bar
neopren underwear or functional shirt, no cotton

These are the important things. Mentionable would be a helmet bracket for the actioncam (such as GoPro) or your own helmet (please check with the guide if your helmet is qualified for canyoning)

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Alpin fair 2017 in Innsbruck


The only mountain sport fair in Austria gets a summery counterpart

20 to 21 May 2017